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This Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of "" has been posted and is effective as of February 3, 2014.


Changes since March 20, 2009 (previous version):

New definitions added: Prepaid code, Free updates, voucher code
Forum usage removed
Customer Support updated
Cookie policy added

Previous version

Purpose of this document

This document outlines the usage guidelines of this Site and the privacy policy on how your personal or anonymous information is collected, stored and used. Please read these terms and conditions carefully!
By using this Site in any manner, you accept all the terms and conditions of this document. You also agree that we may amend and/or revise this document at our discretion and you agree to be bound by these revisions and amendments.
If you do not agree with the terms and conditions we request that you immediately cease using this Site.
Site operator reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time, effective upon posting of the modified Terms on the Site.



Activation: purchase of an activation code, which enables the user of activating pre-installed Products on his/her Device.

Activation code: an alphanumeric code, which can be purchased on the Site to activate (enable the use) of some pre-installed but disabled Content on some Devices. The Activation code is only valid to activate a Content on the same Device, which provided the Request code.

Anonymous data: information that is not associated with or linked to your Personal data; Anonymous data does not permit the identification of individual persons.

Compatibility: compatibility means that Products are able to work on your Device and Software. Products are compatible only with the Devices which are listed on the Supported Devices page, and which are identified as Compatible by Toolbox. Compatibility requirements are also displayed for each Product on detailed Product description pages, accessible via Read more links.

Content: maps, points of interest, 3D content, voices, language files and other navigation related content that can be uploaded and used on your Device with your Software.

Cookie: a small text file that is placed on your hard disk by a web server and is used by our Site as described in section Privacy below.

Customer: any registered User who sends a purchaser order for Software, Updates, Content, Services or Activation code on the Site. Customers can only be end-users of Devices, we do not supply Updates or Products for resellers on this Site.

Customer Support: a service provided by the Site operator or its subcontractor for Site users via web interfaces. Site users may request customer support for their Product purchases made on the Site.

Device: navigation capable devices, such as
• personal navigation devices (also called as PND or PNA)
• smartphones / Personal Digital Assistants (also called as PDAs), including SD cards and other storage media (if Software or Content is stored on them),
• navigation-capable mobile phones,
• car navigation systems,
• navigation-capable PCs, notebooks and tablet PCs,
• navigation-capable personal media players (PMPs).

Free Map Updates: in addition to selling updates and extra contents to consumers, the Naviextras Update Platform can also deliver free updates to consumers (acting as a delivery channel only) upon request of our Device Manufacturer Partners. The Naviextras Update Platform does not warrant the quality, availability and frequency of the Free Map Updates as these updates are provided upon request of the Device Manufacturer Partners.
The most important free update services available at Naviextras Update Platform:
• Latest Map Guarantee (LMG)
• Update Subscription (aka. MapCare)
• Brand-specific content distribution
• Navigation software upgrade
• PC Tool (aka. Naviextras Toolbox) upgrade
Some map Updates may offer additional free Updates for a pre-defined period counting from the date of purchase. In such cases, a one-time update is purchased and delivered according to Section XII./6, while the additional free map Updates are provided via Naviextras Toolbox PC-tool ‘as is’, if and when new version of the related maps are released during the pre-defined period. The Site operator does guarantee neither the frequency nor the minimal number of such additional free Updates during the pre-defined period. The Site operator retains the right to cancel or change the availability of the free Updates without prior notice. In such cases the Customer is not entitled to receive any refund.

Guest user: non-identified (not logged in) user or viewer of the Site.

Personal data: information relating to a User, such as your name, address, e-mail address, or phone number, as well as conclusions drawn from the information regarding the User.

Prepaid code: an alphanumeric code that can be redeemed for any specific products. Codes can be available on plastic cards (prepaid cards) or electronically by OEM or Partner's Dealer network. Prices may differ based on the offered products.

Product: refers to Updates, Contents, Services and Activation code.

Request code: an alphanumeric code, which identifies the activable Product and the actual Device. It is shown on the screen of the Device, which has to be typed in by the Customer in order to buy an Activation code.

Service: location based services that require some form of online connectivity (data access via SIM card or Bluetooth, wireless internet access, TMC receiver, etc) on your Device.

Software: the navigation software running on your Device.

Site:, and its subdomains.

Site Operator: the business organization defined in section 3 of these Terms.

Toolbox: a free PC-tool, which can be used to download free and pay Updates and Products from our servers and upload them to the Device.

Updates: software updates provided by your Device manufacturer or Software developer, which add additional features or fix known software problems.

User: registered or Guest user or viewer of Site.

Voucher code: an alphanumeric code which provides certain degrees of discount for specific products. Codes are given away on occasions advertised in the Newsletter or can be granted by Customer Support, reviewed individually. Voucher redemptions are processed through the purchase, in the Cart section, and the discount is shown in the total. The degree of discount and the time of validity might be different for each code.


This Site is operated by NNG Software Developing and Commercial Llc. (registered seat: H-1037 Budapest, Szépvölgyi út 35-37., Hungary, European Union, company register id:


, EU VAT id:


) hereinafter referred to as “Site Operator”.

This Site provides

• Software Updates, navigation Content and location-based Services for Users via e-delivery (download through the internet),
• provides a framework for a community of navigation enthusiasts, and
• navigation-related editorial content,
• a PC-tool that transfers all Content and Updates to Devices.

Updates, Contents and Services are all available only for those Devices and Software that are compatible with the above and are listed on our list of “Supported Devices”.

User’s obligations

You agree not to interfere with, disrupt, or attempt to interfere with or disrupt the operation of the Site or of the networks connected to the Site, and to abide to any security policies.
Usage of the Site should be in accordance with relevant laws and basic ethics. You may not use language that is threatening, abusive, vulgar, discourteous or criminal.
Users may not upload or otherwise publish any content on the Site that is illegal in any way (copyrighted, or illegal due to moral or other reasons).

Collecting and handling User data

Site collects and stores anonymous and personal information. Anonymous information is collected during automated server logging, while personal information is collected only based on User and Device registration.


a) User registration

Some features of the Site are only available for registered users, some others for every visitor. As a general rule, most information is available without registration, while contributing to the Site, buying or getting free Updates, Contents or Services and requesting support require user registration. Registration is easy and free.

Any personal information which you supply to us shall be true, complete and accurate in all respects. You agree to notify us immediately of any changes to your personal information via our Site.

You are asked not to share your username and/or password with any other party, or otherwise give any other party access to the Site with your login data. You assume all responsibility for any unauthorized use of any username or password assigned to you.

Users can delete their profile (with all personal data) at any time on the Site.

b) Product registration

Registered users may also decide to register their Products. This is optional, but the Site can only take responsibility for compatibility of Updates, Content and Services if a user’s Device or Software is previously registered with Toolbox, allowing compatibility to be checked before buying.

c) Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by the Site.

This Site uses Cookies to identify logged-in users’ sessions to customise and personalise our Site for its viewers. We do not use Cookies to gather other information from your personal computer.
Cookies can be removed controlled by following your Iinternet browser’s help file directions. Alternatively you may follow instructions of this English language online guide on cookies:

If you choose to disable Cookies in your internet browser, you may not be able to log in to the Site and access some Site features and pages.

Types of Cookies the Site uses:

Cookie: session id
Purpose: Session Cookies allow Users to be recognized within the Site so any page changes or item or data selection the User does is remembered from page to page.
The most common example of this functionality is the shopping cart feature of the Site. When User visits one page of a catalogue and select some items, the session Cookie remembers the selection so the shopping cart will have the items selected when the User is ready to check out.

Cookie: device
Purpose: these Cookies remember the User’s Device choice, so that the Site can offer to navigate to that Device, when User logs into the Site next time.

Cookie: auto login
Purpose: these Cookies remember the User’s login information to fill out the login form automatically for the User, when User starts the login procedure next time.

Cookie: Google Analytics
Purpose: these Cookies are used to collect information about how Users use our Site. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the Site. The Cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of Users to the Site, where Users have come to the Site from and the pages they visited within the Site. For further information on Google’s privacy click here.

No third parties set Cookies on User computers via the Site.

d) Newsletter

Site offers regular newsletters to its Users, notifying them about new available Updates, Contents and Services, promotions and editorial content.

Users may subscribe (opt-in) to newsletters during the registration process, and may decide to unsubscribe (opt-out) any time using the Profile page on the Site.

e) Usage and transaction logging

For security reasons the Site logs some information regarding your visits to the Site such as free and paid transactions and online payments. We do not collect or store your credit card data in any way.

f) Handling and usage of Personal data:

• We use your Personal data to perform our obligations resulting from the e-delivery of Products.
• If you subscribed to our newsletter, we also use Personal data to inform you about new Products and promotions we may offer, to submit a customer survey and any other marketing activity.
• We also store transaction data for anonymous financial and taxation reporting.
• We also make your Personal data available for third party contractors and our parent companies and affiliates whenever it is necessary to fulfil our delivery obligations, billing, payment and customer support or to operate the site. You may opt-out the data transmission by deleting your user account on the Profile page.
• We store Personal user data in a clustered database on multiple servers and other servers for backup purposes. Servers are stored in different safe locations.

g) Anonymous data

The Site also collects Anonymous data (including your internet protocol address, browser type, operating system, browser language, screen resolution, etc.)
with automated logging mechanisms running on our servers. Purpose of such logging is:

• system security and data protection,
• usage statistics,
• Site optimisation and improvement.

These Anonymus data are not associated with any personal user data, thus are not used for user identification.

Customer Support

All users without registration or login may access the information made available on FAQ pages or the Site’s knowledge base. On the other hand, submitting a Trouble Ticket may require user registration and login.
No support is provided at all for hardware related issues; limited support is possible for factory-installed software or content related problems of supported Devices as they may happen to be resolvable only by the device manufacturer or distributor. Support services are available related to Products offered on the Site.
Support services are only guaranteed for the Product purchases made on the Site, including troubleshooting for e-payment, e-billing, licensing, downloading and installing the Products for Compatible Devices. Support for free updates and other issues is not guaranteed, and provided only if there is available free support capacity.
Site operator may operate built-in or pop-up online live chat-based support service on certain pages and on certain language versions of the Site. Chat support is available on an ‘as is’ basis, Site Operator does not guarantee that support chat operation is available at all times. When an issue cannot be solved via chat, you may be required to open a Trouble Ticket. Chat support availability is not guaranteed on all sites or on all languages of the Site.
Site operator may change the Support Service at any time and at its sole discretion. Site operator may at any time terminate or suspend your access to the Support Service.

By submitting comments, feedback, information, chat conversation or materials to our Customer Support, you agree to a no-charge assignment to our Customer Support of all worldwide rights, title, and interest in copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the comments, feedback, information, or materials.
Site operator may involve Third Party subcontractor (its affiliates, any employee, agent, director or supervisor) into operation of multilingual Customer Support Service. Site operator may change the Customer Support Service Provider at any time and at its sole discretion.
All tickets are to be stored together with User’s personal data. The problem and the proposed answer may also be added to the FAQ or knowledge base after removing all personal data.


Site Operator handles the data given by you during the registration and purchase procedure exclusively for the purposes specified in this document, particularly but not exclusively for further contact with you and for identifying you in order to fulfill the service ordered.

Site Operator handles the data given by you during the existence of the contact with you and for the time needed for the aims listed above, and declares that within 30 days from cessation of the aim of the data handling, it will delete them and take measures to nullify them.

The data given by you cannot be recognized by any third party apart from exclusively Site Operator and in case of purchasing the Updates, Content, Services or Software, the contracted parties taking part in performing the service. By providing the data you expressly approve to Site Operator to handle the personal data given during the order procedure according to the indication above and observing the data protection rules of law.

Limiting user access

Site Operator may at any time limit your access to the Site or some parts of the Site as appropriate or necessary at its sole discretion for security or business reasons, as a result of any alleged or suspected breach of these Terms, or to protect intellectual property.
Site may also impose limits on certain Site features or restrict your access to parts, or all of the Site without notice or liability.

Site operator has the right to delete User accounts and/or suspend User login without any prior notification.


Site contains several links to other sites. Site Operator is not responsible for the content or accuracy of such external sites

Site availability

We do not guarantee 24/7 proper operation, availability or uptime of the Site, but we do perform reasonable efforts to maintain high availability of the Site.


If you have any question regarding this document, contact us using the Support page.