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Welcome in the new Support Area!

Here you can find answers regarding map update, device and compatibility related questions. To get the most reliable answers, please log in or register!
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You will be able to install updates and extra content provided by only on compatible devices.

The list of supported devices can be found here.

supported devices
This is the official update site for a growing number of navigation devices from the following manufacturers:
Accessories & More, Acegame, Adaptiv, Adayo, Advancedice, Advent, Adventure Pilot, Aerpro, Airis, Airis_ES, Alianca - Fiat, Alpha Industria, AlphaNav, Alpine Asia Pacific, Alpine Australia, Alpine Europe, Alpine of America, Alpine of China, Altina, ANS Blaupunkt, ANS MegaAudio, ANS my AVN, ANS Navigator, ANS NavOn, ANS VolksWagen, Antitheft, Apollo Bell, Apontador, App-Tronics, Arvento, Aselsan, AselsanNet, ASL Automedia, Astrium, ASUS, ATLANTA, Audicom, AudioMedia, Audiomotion, Audiosuperb, Audiovox, Audiovox/Mac Audio, Aulik-Lenoxx, AutoAsia, AUTOBAHN, AUTONAV, Autopcion, Autosonik, Autostrasse, Autotrail, Autovision, Autronix, AVGO, Aviton, Axion, Axis, Axxera, Becker, Becker, Becker Connect, Belson, BendixKing, Bestech, BiON, Blaupunkt (Turkey), Blaupunkt Car Multimedia Europe, Blaupunkt PND, Bluetalk, Boss Audio, Caliber, Car aftermarket navigation software, Car-Media CH, Caratec, Carmani, CarteBlanche Ukraine, Caska, CAT, Cebsa, Cenmax, Chele Digital, Chevrolet, Clarion, Clarion Truck, Clifford, CLV, CNS, CodiAuto, Compass-NAV, Connoisseur, Convex, Creator, Crosswire, CRUX Interfacing Solutions, Crypton, CVS-Mobile, CYBCAR AMERICA, Cyclone, Dacia, Daiichi, Demnex, Desay-SGMW Indonesia, Digicom, Directus, DreimGO, Dual, Dynavin, EasiNav, EBS, Eclipse, eNAV, Envatron, Erbul, Ergo, Esse Grup, Essentiel B, ESX Car Media Systems, Eurovision, Evolio, Evolve, Exper, Explay, Faaftech, Falcon Technical, Falk, Farenheit, Fiat, FIAT TALENTO, Finder, Flyaudio, Flyaudio CN, Flyaudio USA, FlyDigital, Foxway, Furrion, Fuso, Geely, Geographic, Globalsat, Globetech MG, Go Cruise, GoldMaster, GoldSmart, GPS Aquarius, GPSNavistore, GPSTURK, Grid Electronics, Guepard, GVA, H-Buster, Haje, Harley Davidson, HEI, Hema Navigator, HILLMAN, Hino, HiTV, Honda Genuine Accessory, Honda India, Honda Navigation, Hood Dude Aftermarket, HP*, Humax, Hurricane, Hyundai Motor CIS, Hyundai Motor Company, Hyundai SAF, Hyundai Ubis, iCarNav, ICARTECH, ICE Car Audio, iconX, iDigital, iFind, iMirror, Insane Audio, Insono, Intelbras, International, Interphone, Intraphex, Invion, Isuzu, Isuzu Australia, Isuzu Australia, IVECO, Jaguar NGI, Jensen, JTACS navigation, Kamosonic, Kenvox, Kenwood, Kia Motors Corporation, KIA MOTORS RUS, KIA South Africa, Kramer, LandRover NGI, Leader International, Legacy GPS, Linefit Device, Linkswell, LogiGO, LOGIGO Maps, Longhorn, LOSTnFOUND, M3Tech, Macrom, Magellan, Magnadyne, Magneo, Magneti Marelli, Mando, Mappy, Marriola, MaxMade, Mazda, Mazda BT50 Australia, Mazda Mea FTEN, Mercedes-Benz Trucks Australia/NZ, Metra, MG, Mio, Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Motors, Mobile Knowledge, Mobilisis, Mobimax, Mobis, Mofftech, Moment, Mongoose, MOPAR MULTILASER, MOTONAV Mobile, MOTONAV PND Models, Motor One, Move Seven, Mud Map, Murtas, MyGuide, Mypilot, Myron & Davis, Myron and Muller, Nakamichi, Nakamichi-Teac, Napoli, Nav System, NAV-TRACK, Navair, NavBras, NavGear, Navig8, Navig[8]r, Navigation Mirror, Navigator, Navigo, NaviMep, Navitech, Navix, NavOn, Navsat, Navsure, NBX, Nesa, Next, Nextar, Nissan, NISSAN, NNG Nextgen Milano Brand, Norauto Sound, NSVauto, Oblio, OCN, Opal, Opel Automotive, Orion, Pantera, Pegasus4x4, Peugeot Taiwan, Phantom, Philips, Phonic, Phonocar, Pioneer, Pioneer, Piranha, Planet Audio, Planet Electronics, PNI, Pocket Navigator, Polaris, PowerAcoustic, Prestigio, Pósitron, QDIS, Quantatec, QUE, Radio Electronics SA, Radnav, Ramar, Reaction, Reis Elektronik, Renault, Renault Cars, Renault Trucks, Rhodelta, RoadCommander, RoadKing, Roadmate, Roadstar, RoadVision, Rosen Entertainment Systems Inc., Royaltek, Rydeen, Samsung, Scania, Scania Linefit, Scott, Segment, SGTech, Shturmann, Sintegrate, Skypine, Skyway, SmartNavIndo, Sony, Soundbarrier, SoundStream, SpeedSound, Ssang Yong Russia, Stagemotion, StarTimes, Stinger, Strike, Stromberg Carlson, Subaru Australia, Subaru Europe, Subaru North America, Suzuki AVN, T&T Elettronica, Takara, takeMS, TELE System, Telefunken, Tilborg, Tonfunk, Toshiba, Toyota Argentina, Toyota Brasil, Toyota GCC, Tracking World, Tracks4Africa, Traffilog, Truckers Tablet, True Trac, TUVVA, UCB, UD Trucks, Unavi, Unicars, Uniden, Vauxhall Automotive, VDO, Vector, Vendeka, Venture 5, Vestatec, Vis Technology, Vision UK, Vista, VMS, Volkswagen, Webbase, Webeye, Wilche, Wings, Wondeproud, Xetec, Xite Solutions, XZENT, Yakoya, Yamaha, Yesigo, Yucom, Yönetsel Bilisim, Zenec, Ícone Eletrônicos

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Please visit back regularly for the latest compatibility list as we are constantly adding support for new devices.